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Jewargi Agro food park is going to be boon for socio-economic growth of the region, facilitating Jewargi as the real Food bowl of Karnataka, with more than 100 industries being established under one food processing zone.

It a first of its kind project in the food processing sector in the Region, where the entire array of food processing activities can be undertaken. Economically, the region will benefit from direct as well as indirect income generation opportunities, and value addition for those engaged in agriculture and farm-based activities.

The park is also encouraging women entrepreneurs and communities living in and around the areas of operation and society at large will gain from improved infrastructure and utilities, better connectivity and overall enhancement in living conditions.

In different ways, the park will benefit farmers,entrepreneurs, manufacturers, shareholders, customers, business associates, suppliers and end users.

The Park is set up in line with a typical industrial park model, as per MOFPI guidelines, and will be the most preferred destination for setting up processing facility for several reasons:

Availability of developed plots with sizes to suit the need of investors

Availability of basic infrastructure facilities like roads, drains, water, power, security, canteen, guest houses, etc

Availability of core common facilities like Cold storage, Ripening chambers, Warehouses, Grading & packing lines, weigh bridge, etc.

Improve farmers income through increasing yield, better pricing and quality.

Capacity building of the producers and entrepreneurs.

Creation of an ideal efficient supply chain from farm to fork level.

Encouraging micro, small & medium scale of industries to promote value additional of multi commodities and horticulture produce.

Benefits to Entrepreneurs

Jewargi Food park ensures win-win situation for all processing & service entrepreneurs by eliminating investments in separate capital intensive infrastructure components and helps them to invest only in their core processing facility. There by bring about a very business friendly environment.

Benefits to Farmers

Jewargi Agro Food Park will enhance and stabilize the income level of the farmers by encouraging 100s of value addition/processing units in the region. This in turn will help in increasing their knowledge and information through provision of extension services, technology centre etc. Post harvest losses will be reduced for the farmers in the region through creation of infrastructure such as collection centers, reefer vans, cold storages, ripening chambers etc.

Benefits to Organized retail chains

Common marketing centre within & outside food park will ensure availability of all commodities grown & processes within the region & outside shall be available to wholesalers & retailers. With the benefit of improved supply chain, retailers will benefit availability of facilities like good quality graded products, standardized products, testing laboratory services, efficient logistic facilities, proper packing facility etc.